The first step is admitting you have a problem. I’m ready to admit I have a problem. It all began last year after Michigan Homebrew Festival. The event was at a new site that year, with tall trees everywhere you looked. Shortly after that event, I saw a sale (on either Woot or Amazon (which owns Woot)) on hammocks. I thought to myself, “It would be awesome to have a hammock to sit in next year at MHF, so I bought one. Or course, it arrived well past hammock weather, which is why it was on sale I’m sure. I never really had a convenient time to use the hammock before MHF, because I only have a single tree at my house ever since disease caused the city to come through and remove all my other trees.

Then my birthday happened, and I had both cash and Amazon gift cards. And friends of mine had a housewarming party, at which I got to lie down in their hammock which was in a hammock stand. I went  to Amazon shortly afterwards and bought the exact same hammock and stand (again, on sale!) and instantly upon setting it up regretted not having bought one many years ago. Then MHF happened and I finally used the camping hammock. And slept in it. I fell in love. I then hammock-camped the next SCA event I went to. The SCA event after that, though, there was rain in the forecast. So I went back to Amazon for a rain fly, and found that the fly alone cost more than the hammock did. Incensed, I shopped around more and found a double hammock with mosquito netting and a rain fly for just a bit more than a fly alone, so…. I bought it!

Recently, I ran across a double hammock on Amazon Daily Deals, and bought that too, because (I reasoned) I might want a double hammock without mosquito netting, just for the sake of getting some cuddle time. So now I own 4 hammocks. But that didn’t get me to where I am now…

I just saw hammocks on sale again, and had the urge to go look at them. Enough is enough. I have a problem. Hammock addiction is a real thing. I need help.


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