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Mind Killers

They say fear is the mind killer, and it’s true, but at least fear is a quick and merciful killer, a skilled assassin. Boredom is a bloody butcher of the mind, slowly hacking it, piece by piece, while it remains fully conscious of what is happening. Boredom is a real bastard.

Working from home

CNN is running an interesting Quick Vote today:
“If you worked from home, your productivity would”, followed by 5 options. With over 10k people chiming in so far, the results are nearly dead even.
24% think their productivity would “increase greatly”
22% think their productivity would “decrease greatly”
20% think their productivity would “stay the same”
18% think their productivity would “decrease slightly”
16% (myself included) think it would “increase slightly”

Narrowing it to 3 categories along the good/bad axis:
40% think productivity will increase, and 40% think productivity will decrease

Along the other axis, there’s more of an opinion:
46% think there will be a great change
34% think there will be a small change (although we could recategorize this to say 54% think there will be little to no change

I think the only conclusion we can draw is that nobody really has a clue, but love to give their opinions anyway. I think more businesses should let employees work from home until we find out something conclusive.