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Resume ALL the things!

It’s like a life reboot. I got back to my college weight, I resumed weight lifting (sort of… some is better than none?), picked blogging back up due to the inspiration and encouragement of a good friend of mine, recently blogged my intent to get back into fighting due to the inspiration of another friend… Hockey has also been on my “to-get-back-into” list for a while. Now I’ve just read an article that makes me really want to take up chess again as well. Add all that to new things that I’ve recently incorporated into my life, and you get: too many things to do, and too little time. Anybody got a winning lotto ticket I can have? :-p

At some point I’ll have to make some hard choices about what gets my time and what doesn’t, but until then life is just looking like a bunch of opportunities waiting to happen. Onward!