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Advertising FAIL

I bought a Diet Dr. Pepper this morning… The last Dr. Pepper product I will buy, because shortly thereafter I read this story on CNN.

Apparently, Dr. Pepper promised “everyone in America” a free pop if Guns and Roses would finally release it’s new album in 2008. G’N’R did, and Dr. Pepper massively weaseled. Instead of giving everybody in America a free pop, they gave everybody who went to their website within 24 hours a free pop. A significantly smaller number of people, to be sure. Especially since the flood of traffic crashed the site. In response to complaints about the site going down, they extended the offer to 42 hours and put up a toll free phone number as well. Still, hardly fulfilling their promise. The offer is completely off the board now, and I just found out about it. Until Dr. Pepper gives me the free pop they owe me, I’m never buying one from them again.