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Who to blame?

I’ve been using WinAmp on my Android phone as my main source of music in the car. I really enjoy it, but since I’ve taken to having my playlist be “all the music on my phone” in shuffle mode, I’ve noticed one thing. Shuffle really sucks. I understand that the heart of the problem is going to be the pseudo-random number generation, but who is to blame for the crappy implementation? The hardware vendor? The OS? The programming language? The WinAmp devs? I need to know who to write a nastygram to, and if it’s even possible to find a better app for randomizing my playlist.


P.S. WordPress still works, right? I haven’t used this thing in over a year. :-p


G+ update

My petition failed. Google insists I use some name other than Wolfger to identify myself on my profile. I initially said that if I lost the appeal I would do so, but that is before I grasped the extent to which the Google Profile affects me. It would not only change my identity on G+, but also Google Talk, and I’m not even sure what else. I’ve decided, instead, to delete my profile, removed my G+ presence entirely, and keep on being Wolfger everywhere else. Despite Google’s pledge to “restore my other services to what they were before” upon disabling Plus, my Buzz and Reader remain crippled. I still can’t have a profile picture (as I have no profile, I suppose) and I imagine PicasaWeb is crippled as well, though I frankly don’t ever use it. I did, however, regain the ability to have a custom status message in Google Talk. “I am who I am. Google+ can suck it.” Edit: I apparently pissed off my Google overlords. I have again lost the ability to have a status message. Bite me, Google.


Schweddy Balls

I’m going to see if I can find some Schweddy Balls to eat tonight. Partly because rum & vanilla sounds like an awesome flavor for ice cream. Partly because the name is amusing. Mostly because I wouldn’t have even known this flavor existed if One Million Moms (a name, not an accurate headcount) hadn’t made a big fuss about it, and I want to show with my wallet that I support Ben & Jerry’s and disapprove of “morality” groups like OMM trying to shove their idea of right and wrong down people’s throats.


But I’ve got to thank One Million Moms for inadvertently promoting this. I think that’s pretty awesome. 😀

Back to life.

Hey, look at me. I’m not playing EVE Online (it’s awesome… just ask and I’ll get you a 21-day free trial) for a change. I just set up a project I’ve been thinking about for over a year now on Github, and I’m blogging again. It’s amazing what you can do with your time when you break the cycle of addiction :-p

OK, so it’s not really all that impressive, but it’s a first step, right? In the days to come I’ll be blogging more, learning Python and wxWidgets, and maybe even spending some time on Ubuntu again. Win7 is actually very nice, and it plays modern video games (EVE Online!)… what can I say?


Looks like I need to do something here. I’ve totally ignored my poor blog for 8 months now. Time to change that.

Five-plus years of Gmail

I looked today and saw that my Gmail usage is up to 40% of my total allotment. That is awe-inspiring in two ways. Firstly, I’m amazed that I’ve got that much e-mail sent and received. Roughly 3 GB of e-mail. Secondly, that in all the time I’ve been using Gmail, and deleting very little other than the spam, I still haven’t used half of my space. Compare this to work, where I’m only given 125 MB for mail, and I archive old e-mails every 2-3 weeks just to stay withing the limit.

So what does Gmail save for me? I went back to the oldest e-mail I have on the system: May 25, 2005, a subscription confirmation for a mailing list that I quit several months ago. Guess I can delete those… 🙂

The oldest useful e-mail is on the same day, from me to another mailing list, providing a link to a site I’ve long-since forgotten about: The Company of Saynt George

I also notice that my sig line from back then announces my Yahoo! Instant Messenger, AIM, and Skype accounts (all of which I still have, but mostly don’t use because of Gmail chat), and also my website (which isn’t mine anymore),

Thank you, Gmail, for this little trip down memory lane, for 7GB of free storage that allows this trip to happen, and for the best e-mail application I’ve ever used.

Give it to me straight!

I’ve always hated shaving. I grew a beard as soon as I was able to grow one that didn’t look totally pathetic, mostly because I didn’t want to have to shave so much. Then, when I lost weight, I wanted to show off my slimmer jaw line, so I switched from a full beard to a “hockey puck”. Of course, after my car accident the weight came rushing back, but I’ve been persuaded to not go back to the full beard.

Then I had a change of position at work, and spent more time on the factory floor than in the office, so I more or less quit shaving except for once a week. Sometimes twice, if I got complaints on the home front.

And then something happened. I’m not sure what, exactly. Something got me interested in straight razors. I started reading about them online. They are supposedly a better shave, smoother, no razor burn, won’t have to shave as often, and so on. One article pointed out the cost savings, since a single straight edge can last multiple lifetimes if properly cared for, not to mention the eco-friendliness of not putting disposables and/or cartridges (and shaving cream cans!) into landfills.  I started looking at the razors themselves, some of which are very sexy blades, and I always like things that double as weapons in a pinch. Can you scare an intruder with a Mach 3? I don’t think so…

So I set my mind on wanting a straight razor, and for Christmas that’s what I got. It was rough at first. I needed to learn how to lather up my face with shaving soap properly (you should hear some of the nasty things straight razor people say about canned shaving creams, and I absolutely love my brush and soap!), how to strop the razor properly, and most importantly how to hold the razor and how to get at some problem areas. A week or so later, and only one major cut (never press your finger onto the corner of a razor… you won’t like it), and I’m loving it. I shave every day now, with rare exceptions. I’ve even decided to go bald again, shaving my head along with my beard. I can’t really say *why* I love shaving now, but I do. Even though it takes longer than it used to. It’s like a meditative ritual. I’ll be hunting yard sales this summer, looking for more straights at bargain prices.

Thank your gardener.

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy, they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.
~Marcel Proust

Photo Friday: Shadow

It’s been a long time since I’ve participated in Photo Friday. It’s also been a while since I’ve been actively blogging. So here’s my attempt to address both problems…

Photo Friday: Shadow

Photo Friday: Shadow

I hate repeating myself

I’ve written here about tasers over and over and over again. A quick search on WordPress shows me somebody else wrote about it just a few weeks ago. The Detroit Free Press talks about yet another instance today.

How many people have to die from tasers before we stop referring to them as non-lethal weapons?

If they weren’t classified as non-lethal, they wouldn’t be used so readily, and fewer unintended deaths would result.

Even when they don’t result in death, they get overused. There is no justification for tasering anybody 12 times.