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This is just where you’re at today.

Reading my yoga Kula forums this evening, somebody expressed their frustration at doing a practice that they’ve done before with ease, but tonight it was a struggle, and some poses couldn’t be done or couldn’t be held long enough. They also went on to reflect that life is also like that sometimes, off the mat.

Boy howdy… I could easily relate, having been there myself, on and off the mat. Particularly off, of late. Then I realized: I handle it much better on the mat. I just accept that “this is where I’m at today”, and keep pressing onward as best I can, which sometimes isn’t at all. Sometimes I just drop down into child’s pose and wait for the current posture to be finished so I can do the rest of the video.

But in real life? Not so much. In real life, I don’t take regression well at all. If I did it last week/month/year, I want to do it again – if not better – today. I recently had a minor meltdown because of that. I need to carry my lessons off the mat, and accept: this is just where you’re at today. Try again later.