Hi. I’m Wolfger, and this is my blog. Contrary to the name of the blog, this is where I put things when I have something to say.

When I have nothing to say, I formerly put it in 1 Fjorda Road., but I have decided to not update that blog anymore. Now when I just want to do out a quick weblink or a pithy quote, I do it here, under the tag “pot shots“.

When I want to take an online quiz or participate in some other meme, I post that on my LJ account.

Most of what I’ll talk about here is technology, politics, cool stuff I find and want to share, and people/things that piss me off.

edit: I’m trying to avoid negative posts about people/things that piss me off (and hence, politics). I’m instead posting more about Linux and SCA, and things that make me (and hopefully you) feel better, not worse.

If you want to drop me a line:

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