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Saturday night’s alright for fighting.

Tonight kicks off what I can only call UFC Season. Four weekends in a row of UFC fights, two weekends off, then three more weekends in a row. And through all of this is The Ultimate Fighter on Wednesdays, beginning this Wednesday. It’s a good time to be a mixed martial arts fan.

Tonight’s “action” is already starting with weigh-ins and then prelim fights live on Facebook (listening as I type). Looking forward to seeing how some of my recent TUF favorites do tonight: McKenzie, Brookings, and McGee. Shield vs Ellenberger gets the main event, but I’m most interested in seeing Belcher vs. MacDonald. No real big name excitement here, but there should be some great fighting. A good primer for the TUF kickoff on Wednesday and then the big show next weekend when Jones gives Rampage an education, Koscheck proves Hughes is past his prime (but I hope I’m wrong), and Diaz vs Gomi should be a fight-of-the-night. Also looking forward to Boetsch stomping Ring.