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Photo Friday: The Good Life

I’m usually to busy living the good life to photograph it, but I have a picture here of a tent full of happy, wet, drunk SCAdians from about 12 years ago that will always be remembered as one of the best weeks of my life. Sorry the pic is so small and low-quality.


Photo Friday: Art

It’s not just art, it’s art you can wear! Or at least, stand inside of. Here’s a pic of me with my head inside of some monkey/cat/thing sculpture, in Heidelberg Germany.
He was, if I recall correctly, the guardian of the altbruecke (old bridge). I met some online friends of mine in Heidelberg, who were stationed at Ramstein AFB in Germany at the time. It was a very cool experience, and I enjoyed spending the day with them. I suppose that makes this their picture and not mine, since I’m on the wrong end of the camera. The second picture is of the plaque that explains this sculpture. Auf Deutsch, of course. And judging by the spelling of Heidelberg, it’s not even modern Deutsch.

Photo Friday: What Is That?

In line with this week’s theme, I won’t discuss the picture. If you need a small hint as to what it is, you can peek at the one tag I’ve given it on Flickr.
What is it?

Photo Friday: Time Machine

For this week’s Photo Friday, I have selected a picture I took for the Human Clock, in “motivational poster” format.

11, the perfect time to start drinking a 6-pack

Photo Friday: Disastrous

For this week’s Photo Friday, something a bit personal. The topic is “disastrous”, and this was nearly so for me. If you look at the crumpled rear door in this picture… I was sitting right there at the point of impact. It’s rather amazing I got away with just a couple (extremely painful) cracked ribs.

Photo Friday: Mountain

I used to participate in Photo Friday fairly often, but I have been ignoring it a long time. When I got this morning’s topic, however, I immediately thought of this picture, which I used as the title graphic for my 1 Fjorda Road blog. I’m rather impressed with this photo for some reason, so here it is again. Maybe I’ll start doing Photo Friday on a regular basis again…

edit: forgot to insert a link to Photo Friday, fixed that.