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Photo Friday: The Good Life

I’m usually to busy living the good life to photograph it, but I have a picture here of a tent full of happy, wet, drunk SCAdians from about 12 years ago that will always be remembered as one of the best weeks of my life. Sorry the pic is so small and low-quality.

Open Source Party

No, I’m not throwing a kegger. Sorry, guys. I’m talking about the political party that RU Sirius wants to establish before the 2010 elections. Membership in the party is open to anybody who feels they are in agreement with at least 5 of the 7 points in the party platform. I find myself in agreement with 6 of them, and certainly willing to consider the 7th. I know some people will treat this as a joke, just as most people treat any political party other than the two in power as a joke, but I’d like you to go take a look at what this party stands for, and actually sign up to participate in discussions if you endorse these positions. Because seriously… our country could stand a lot of improvement in the area of politics, and nothing will ever change just by waiting to see which two lame choices the two major parties offer us in each election.