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Tweek it

I’ve been on Twitter for a few months now. I have to say, I got addicted. But I’ve also been complaining since almost the first day about the lack of a good Linux client. Tweets to SMS on my cell are nice, except I’m following too many people who like to talk a lot, and I just can’t keep up. The IM client is nice, and works through Jabber/GoogleTalk, but sometimes it just doesn’t work at all, and that is incredibly annoying.

So, being an Open Source kind of guy, I decided I would build the best, most fully-featured Twitter client around (and build it for my beloved KDE, and launch it first on Kubuntu). I’ve been saying that for well over a month. Today, I finally started. Sort of. Not a line of code yet, but I registered the project on Launchpad, I created a couple blueprints of some of my ideas for what the features should be (with more to come!), and I twittered about it and even got my first volunteer to help with the code work. Depending on how things go for me this weekend, I may even get started on the real work.

Help is sorely needed in one domain: artwork! At the very least, I want a cool icon for use in the start menu, on the task bar, etc. Anybody with desire and at least more talent than me (which should be easy) is welcome to chip in.

What’s funnier?

The fact that there’s a Klingon Open Source Translators team, or the fact that they’ve never actually translated anything?

Note to self

When updating information on a bug you were working on last night, refresh the page first, to make sure you aren’t just repeating what somebody else said several hours ago. It makes you look like an idiot.