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Kinda sounds like the USA…

Just replace “widows” with “people” and “husband” with “bank”.

“If we give the money to the widows, they will spend it unwisely because they are uneducated and they don’t know about budgeting. But if we find her a husband, there will be a person in charge of her and her children for the rest of their lives.”
– MAZIN al-SHIHAN, director of a city agency in Baghdad, on his plan to pay men to marry Iraqi war widows.

Say again?

I got two e-mails at work after I left for the day on Friday. I’ll reprint just the first sentence of each e-mail:

@4:54 PM

Today we and <car company> Financial shared plans with our dealers to take advantage of developing trends in the economy and the car-buying environment by enhancing retail financing incentives and moving away from leasing.

@5:22 PM

HUGE Lease Deals Are Back-Only 6 Days to Deal!!!

I’m blogging about Og Maciel’s blog post

Og Maciel blogs About Tweeters, to which I reply “Dude, I am so blogging this…”, and then I tweet that I am “Commenting on Og Maciel’s post about Twitter”. Which almost, but doesn’t quite, satisfy my daily need for sarcasm and irony. To be further ironic, I actually am blogging this, and the title will shortly appear as a tweet as well, through the beauty of RSS and Twitter.
OK, yeah, I’m easily amused. And/or extremely bored today.

Save the whales, destroy the world?

Greenhouse gas emissions caused by one meal of beef are the equivalent of eight meals of whale meat