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Battle of the Laptops

Today, we’ll be comparing the hot new Mac Air versus the old trustworthy Commodore SX-64. May the system with the best features win…


Is anybody else already sick and tired of iPhone buyers whining yet? “Boohoo… the hot electronic gadget I had to stand in line to buy on opening day came down in price. How cruel! I have been taken advantage of.”

Guess what? It happens! It always happens. If you’re standing in line to buy something the day it comes out, you are overpaying. That is a guarantee. The price always drops. This is the way the electronic gadget world works. Quityerbitchin.

So why are people upset that iPhones got a price break? The iPod doesn’t cost today what it cost on opening day, either. It seems that people are upset the price came down too soon. Say what? So basically what these people are saying is that they are upset that other people aren’t getting ripped off like they got ripped off? Well guess what… nobody forced them to buy a ridiculously overpriced phone. They wanted to get ripped off. They stood in line to get ripped off. Some of them camped out overnight, in eager anticipation of getting ripped off. Now they want everybody else to suffer too? How immature.

Guess what else? It’s still overpriced. Anybody who pays $400 for a phone is still getting ripped off. But the Mac fanboys apparently want them to get ripped off even more. Nice crowd. I’m happy with the phone I got for free, thanks. Please go whine someplace where I don’t have to read about it. You got exactly what you deserved… and what you wanted.