Everything is NOT as it should be!

I’ve taken up with a new crowd lately. I wrote some time ago about my taking up yoga, and I haven’t reported back since, but I’ve certainly stuck with it. Yesterday marked 133 days of consecutive yoga practice for me. Mostly I am doing the YWA videos, and there’s a dedicated forum called the Find What Feels Good Kula for users/advocates of YWA. It’s a great place, full of positivity and support, and I’ve made a couple of real-life friends from my time there.

Well, recently there was a question posted: “What quote or phrase helps you reconnect with your center?”
It’s somewhat of a poorly defined question, left open to interpretation, but there were lots of great and inspiring and even funny answers. But one answer in particular really bugged me. And that answer was repeated over and over and over again by many different people. It was, I think, the single most given answer to the question. Certainly in the top 2: “Everything is as it should be.” I want to scream. There in that online oasis of positivity, I wanted to lash out each and every time this response was given. Of course, I didn’t, not even once; but here on my own blog, it’s fair game.

I’m all for acceptance of what is, but that does not equate to “what is” being “what should be”. Everything is most certainly not as it should be. There should not be people who have no homes. There should not be people going hungry. There should not be heartbreak. The country should not be run by immature toddlers in grown-up bodies. The internet should not be full of trolls and haters. And that’s all just the tip of the iceberg. I could go on for pages about things that should not be just in general, before I even start on personal items.

I think I understand where the thought comes from, why it’s comforting, and so why people cling to it, but I personally find it abhorrent. It’s the same thought process that says, “There’s a reason for everything,” which I equally disagree with, but which doesn’t trigger rage in me because that’s a harmless belief, unlike the former. Saying it’s “as it should be” moves it from harmless belief to harmful inaction, because if this is as it should be, then we shouldn’t try to change it. But we should. We must. Even if the effort is doomed to failure; try, we must. Let’s make the world (or at least our personal slices of it) better.

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  • thehomeofimperfectyoga  On April 15, 2021 at 7:11 am

    that phrase gets up my arse, too. doesn’t quite make me homicidal, although after reading this post, i think a little extra rage is required.

    the one that makes me want to toss my cookies is “the universe is for me”. the universe likely doesn’t even know i exist, let alone goes to extraordinary lengths for my benefit. it’s not harmful, though. just a bit deluded

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