G+ update

My petition failed. Google insists I use some name other than Wolfger to identify myself on my profile. I initially said that if I lost the appeal I would do so, but that is before I grasped the extent to which the Google Profile affects me. It would not only change my identity on G+, but also Google Talk, and I’m not even sure what else. I’ve decided, instead, to delete my profile, removed my G+ presence entirely, and keep on being Wolfger everywhere else. Despite Google’s pledge to “restore my other services to what they were before” upon disabling Plus, my Buzz and Reader remain crippled. I still can’t have a profile picture (as I have no profile, I suppose) and I imagine PicasaWeb is crippled as well, though I frankly don’t ever use it. I did, however, regain the ability to have a custom status message in Google Talk. “I am who I am. Google+ can suck it.” Edit: I apparently pissed off my Google overlords. I have again lost the ability to have a status message. Bite me, Google.


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  • Stephen  On October 13, 2011 at 10:19 am

    Where do i go to tell Google that i’ve met you in person, and your real name, as far as anyone knows, is Wolfger? I mean really, you’ve got some other name?

    • wolfger  On October 13, 2011 at 10:23 am

      I wish I knew. But the problem I’ve always had with Google is that when something goes wrong (which it rarely does, because they’re very good at what they do) there is absolutely horrible (non-existent?) customer support. But then, we aren’t really the customers… we’re the product that they sell to companies.

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