A day to remember.

OK, I realize today is September 13th, not September 11th, but this blog post would have fallen on mostly deaf ears two days ago. Two days ago, we were inundated with images of horrible deeds and somber survivors, friends, and family. But to me, 9/11 is not remembered as the day terrorists flew aircraft into buildings and killed thousands. To me, 9/11 is remembered as the day terrorists succeeded in taking away some of our freedom. A victory for them which, in ten years, we have been unable or even unwilling to overcome.

As early as Friday I was hearing about a “credible threat”. One which the authorities seemed to be well in control of, so why (I wondered) did the news feel the need to terrorize us all with news of its possible-though-now-extremely-unlikely existence? Fear sells.

On Sunday morning, I heard of 3 people being detained on a flight to Detroit for suspicious behavior. That’s all. Nothing more. No update ever reached my ears or eyes until today. The 3 people were, of course, all brown-skinned, and were seated together on the airplane even though none of them knew each other. The plane landed without incident (yes! nothing happened!) and the 3 were promptly arrested. I’m sorry, I mean “detained”. In handcuffs. By members of a SWAT team. Sounds an awful lot like “arrested” to me, but I guess if nothing has happened, you can’t arrest people, you can only detain them. They also detained (sans handcuffs) every other passenger aboard the plane and took them all to the police station for interviews.

All of this over what? Nothing happened. Somebody reported “suspicious activity” and it was 9/11, and that’s all it takes to inconvenience the hell out of a plane full of people, not to mention the cost that must have been incurred to do so, and the untold number of people further inconvenienced by flight delays on down the line.

It’s time to stop remembering. It’s time to reclaim our freedom and tell Al Queda that no, they cannot do this to us any more. Reclaim the freedom. Discard the fear.

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  • SxyVixen  On September 15, 2011 at 9:40 pm

    I think you can still remember, in appropriate ways, while reclaiming that freedom I do agree we need to get back.

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