Price Check on Aisle 1

Happy New Year, everybody. Yeah, I’m a bit late, and yeah, I totally blew last year’s resolution to blog more often. It’s not for a lack of things to write about, it’s purely for lack of organizational skill.


So anyhow… Michigan’s got a new governor. I’ll reserve judgment for later, but here’s an interesting tidbit: He’s trying to remove an outdated law that costs businesses money, and the unions are fighting against it.


The article’s headline would have you believe he’s going to do away with price tags, but he’s doing no such thing. He’s doing away with a law that requires items to be individually priced. There’s a difference there. If price tags go away, it’s not his doing. Yell at the manager of the store you shop at.


The one decent argument against this is that it puts more of an onus on the customer to make sure he isn’t getting ripped off at the register, but as the story points out, price tags didn’t actually stop the rip-offs.

longtime Attorney General Frank Kelley, who made an annual rite of running undercover operations and busting stores where the price charged was higher than the price marked

The union argument is crap. I don’t believe anybody gets paid solely to put price tags on items, and even if they do,  why should there be a law that exists just to guarantee their job? Go get another job. Or, again, tell management why they should continue the practice of pricing items even though it isn’t required by law. We seem to have this mindset that everything must be either forced or forbidden by law. Knock it off.

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