Don’t teach kids to think.

There seems to be a big fuss now over a teacher in Australia who wanted her kids to “plan a terror attack that would kill as many innocent people as possible”.

Now I know that such an assignment seems shocking, but if you think about it for a second, what harm is actually being done here? Children are being asked to think, analyze, use their imagination. You can’t improve security if you’re unable to imagine ways in which current security measures can be exploited. I think it’s a really good exercise.

The teacher canceled the assignment after a 15-year-old student objected to it.

Seriously? Since when can a single student object to an assignment and get it cancelled? I wish I’d had that power when I was in school.

“This is one mistake by a hardworking, keen young teacher who is highly regarded by staff, students and community,” Terry Martino, principal of the West Australian school, told the news agency.

Can somebody explain to me what the mistake was? I’m really curious to know, form a rational standpoint, what mistake was made. I think there’s a reason this teacher is “highly regarded”, and the principal just stomped on it.

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