Eating BBQ iguana…

I’m on the Mexican Wolfger-an, whoa-oh, radio! Spent part of my weekend figuring out Icecast and EZstream and my home network, and now I’m listening to my mp3’s via the internet instead of directly. And yes, the non-computer-geek residents are looking at me the way Penny looked at Leonard and company on Big Bang Theory when they set up their apartment to be remote controlled via the internet, but this is actually far more useful.

My netbook is an EeePC 900A, which has a whopping 4GB of hard drive space. Most of that is taken up by my OS and the programs I want to run. Not a lot of room leftover for my mp3 files, and I’m going to be spending some nights away from home for work, or for Penguicon, and I’m going to want access to my music. Well now I can.

So if you ever want to check and see if I’m streaming something (next scheduled broadcast, St. Patrick’s Day evening) you can check

So here’s the rundown:

Icecast2 (under Kubuntu) gave me some problems when I installed it, and I tried my usual brute force methods to make it work, but that didn’t fly. Then I found a workaround for the bug:
sudo usermod -a -G icecast <username>
and after that (and editing the config file), start it using:
sudo /etc/init.d/icecast start

Ezstream worked fine as soon as I read the section of the manpage that told me where to find the sample config files, and I used the samples to create my own config file. The most annoying thing is that I will have to create playlists before I can stream. I was hoping to find a streaming utility where I could add to the playlist on-the-fly.

The hardest stumbling block was figuring out why I could listen locally, but not via the internet. I checked my router settings, and I had cleared the appropriate port to be forwarded to my desktop, but it just wasn’t working. Then I remembered that when I switched from Comcast to AT&T, the AT&T modem contains a router of its own. So my local router (which used to be the gateway to the internet) was forwarding traffic to me, but the AT&T router wasn’t forwarding traffic to my local router.  I moved my cable to the AT&T router, did a broadcast ping to find the router IP, and changed the AT&T router settings to enable my Icecast port, as well as SSH. (but SSH is still not working)

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