Happy New Year

Some very simple goals for this year:

  1. Blog more frequently than I have been lately (super easy to achieve).
  2. Start playing hockey again. Maybe this Friday night. Maybe next. But somewhere between now and 2011 I will put the pads on and play a game. Hopefully it becomes habit-forming.
  3. Get back into SCA fighting. Yeah, this seems to be an annual resolution for me, I know. I’m going to set my goal low here again as well. I will fight at least once per month.
  4. Self-improvement. I know, I know… you’re saying to yourself, “But Wolfger… you’re perfect!” Well, sadly that’s not true. I’m going to put some serious effort into becoming a better person. It’s a very vague goal, but I think also the hardest on my list.
  5. Work on computer projects. Do more bug triage for Ubuntu? Write a program? Write patches to fix bugs? Who knows… I just know I majorly slacked off in 2009 in this department, and I need to put down the Facebook and do something a little more worthwhile on my home PC.

Going to make this a good year, or die trying.

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