Making a comeback

Haven’t been doing much of a lot of things lately. Yesterday I played hold’em again for the fist time in over a month. Won 50-some cents I’m rich. Or, at least, I’m finally over the $5 mark, which means I’ll start playing the nickel tables. So my future wins (and losses) will be bigger.

This morning I went for a serious bike ride (as opposed to casual), also for the first time in over a month. Came home sore, but with a good time. The significant thing is that all my other morning rides came when the dogs woke me up early, which they don’t do anymore. This ride was after my normal wake-up, in lieu of Farmville. I’m hoping Winter holds off a while longer so I can keep the morning rides up.

And this is also my first real blog post in some time, too. I got some flack for just posting quotes…

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