Linux Hold’em

So a couple months back I was reading a Wil Wheaton post about him running a small stakes tourney on PokerStars. I’d tried in the past to use PokerStars, but the software wouldn’t install under Cedega, which is what I used for my Windows games at the time. I decided to try again, and met with outstanding success using WINE.

So I signed up, but not until after the tournament was over. I’m leery about giving my money to an online poker site anyway, so I just enjoyed the play-money games, and some WSoP freeroll tournaments, and life was good. Then PokerStars deposited $2 into my real-money account, “to get me started”.

Well, it did get me started. I tore up the 2-penny tables, and was pretty quickly hooked on this hold’em thing. I put a Hold’em book on my Amazon wish list, and wound up with 2 books for my birthday (the one I asked for, and a different one). I still have not put any of my own money into the site, and I’ve turned that $2 into nearly $5. Yeah, I know… I’m rich now. :-p  But soon I’ll start playing the nickel tables, and the cash will really start rolling in!

Anyhow, the one book I got was about the mechanics (read “math”) of Hold’em, and the other book was about the ups and downs of online play specifically, and basically every aspect of online poker except for the math. These two books really compliment each other well. The non-math book recommends not tying yourself down to just one site, so that you can reap the bonuses from multiple sites, and go wherever the best action currently is. So off I went, in search of more online accounts, which would (hopefully) be as generous as PokerStars and give me free starter cash.

How fortunate I was that I started my journey with PokerStars! Because so far, that’s the only site that will work with Linux at all. I hit a “top 10” list of poker sites, and didn’t finish it because I got discouraged.

Titan Poker installed with no problems, but it chokes on account registration, which has to be done through their software apparently. I might be able to play if I could do account registration on their website, but that doesn’t seem possible. Not that I’d trust playing on a site where the software isn’t 100% anyway.

FullTilt is a big name in poker, but their software will not run at all. It installed, but when I try to run it, it just dies quietly.

PKR has a beautiful video intro on their software, but that’s all it’s good for. I can’t get past that intro. Worse yet, I can’t even quit the program. I have to go into my process list, hunt for it and kill it.

PartyPoker isn’t poker anymore. It’s now PartyGammon.

PokerRoom I used to play, since they had a web Java interface. Unfortunately, they no longer provide poker.

So that’s it, in a nutshell. Anybody know of any sites other than PokerStars that work on Linux with or (preferably) without WINE?

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