I’m having an affair

It’s an old, cliched story. Middle-age married man meets up with the object of his adolescent affection, spends some time getting re-acquainted, falls in love or lust again, and starts to spend more and more of his free time with the rekindled flame.

Yes, that’s right. I’ve fallen in love with the bicycle again. When I was a kid, you couldn’t tear me away from my bike. I spent more time on my bike than doing nearly anything else (aside from school and sleep). Then I got my driver’s license and dumped the bike hard and fast. Now, after more years than I care to think of, I’ve started riding a bike again, and I love it. Of course, now it has to compete for my time with an air-conditioned house and a computer, but I still try to make time for it. No more car rides to the local fruit and vegetable stand. I’ve even biked to the grocery store and brought (a small amount of) groceries home in my backpack. Mostly I go for early-morning flings through a nearby subdivision, just for fun and exercise. I find myself wishing for a job close enough to home that I could bike to work.

And, like any affair, it costs some money. I got a used bike, and so far I’ve had to sink money into a water bottle and cage, bike lock, helmet, lights (for those morning rides, because my morning starts before dawn), new pedals after I broke one, and a new crank after I couldn’t break the new pedals (and hence broke the old crank instead). Toys are also involved. I’m now paying for GPS service on my BlackBerry, predominantly so I can map my rides and keep accurate track of my exercise.

Best of all, my wife doesn’t mind this affair. In fact, she frequently joins us. 😀

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