KDE 4.3

I made the Kubuntu Jaunty upgrade to KDE 4.3 this weekend. Other than the taskbar looking nicer, and having to reconfigure everything back to the way I like it, I didn’t really notice any spectacular difference yet. The upgrade was also not smooth. I had to remove kdebase-workspace-dev to get the dist-upgrade to complete successfully. Your mileage may vary.

There’s some new options for the desktop wallpaper setting, but “Virus” is pretty lame, and “Weather” does not seem to work at all. “Mandlebrot” is pretty cool, though, if you don’t like to put actual photos on your desktop.

The “Info” icon now has a permanent home on the taskbar, instead of appearing and disappearing based on whether or not you have info to see.

Some new plasma widgets (or at least, ones I don’t remember seeing before) like Pastebin and Remember The Milk.

But all in all, I have no idea why other people are raving about this release.

Oh, and the KDE advanced settings for active and inactive transparency levels on a window *still* doesn’t work… 😦

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