Slow news week

There’s a huge fuss this week over the President sitting down for a beer with Gates and the cop who arrested him. It’s bad enough that this occasion warrants at least one headline per day. Now there’s a whole new pointless argument to cover: what beer will they drink?

The White House, intelligently and thoughtfully, is planning to serve each of the 3 gentlemen whatever they prefer. Massachusetts Rep. Richard Neal wants the White House to serve Sam Adams to everybody, even if none of them like it. Way to grandstand, Rep. Neal! Let’s take an over-hyped event and use that to political and economic advantage!

Sam Adams, of course, had to take advantage of this by saying they would (if they could, which they can’t, due to time constraints) make a special beer just for this event.

Other, completely unrelated breweries are trying to cash in, too:
Dan Kenary, president of Harpoon Brewery, told the paper they are working every “back-door channel” the company has.

Yeah. Because that’s what’s important… Fuck the issues of racial tension and profiling. Let’s market our beer!

FYI: Obama prefers Bud Light (and I lose some more respect for him), Gates wants Red Stripe or Beck’s (better), and the cop wants Blue Moon (finally, a decent beer).

Sam Adams would be a good choice, by the way… I just think giving them what they want is better, and pandering to companies in your constituency is just sleazy politics.

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