STFU, “major media”

Slow news day on CNN. Slow enough that a possible “unfair advantage” in the American Idol final is front page news. Or, as they call it, a “marquee blog”.

Can it be called “Textgate”?

Hell. Fucking. No. It cannot. You may not. Just stop, right there. The Watergate scandal was not in any way shape or form a scandal about water. It was a scandal involving the Watergate Hotel. Making up scandal names like “Textgate” just makes you look like a fucking idiot. So stop, please. I’m talking to you, Lisa Respers France.

representatives from AT&T provided free phones and lessons on
how to […] send 10 or more text messages  at the
press of a single button, which is known as “power texting.”

The show is over. The better singer lost, but he’s still got a fantastic career ahead of him. Can we please just move on with our lives and talk about important things instead? Winning, in this show, isn’t everything. Just ask Daughtry. Or Taylor Hicks.

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