Prismatic Web

No, it’s not a new AD&D spell. It’s the concept of having application-specific browser windows. It’s funny that I should read a Linux Journal article about Prism today, because I just installed Prism on my computer last night. I tried it once before, when it first came out (or was that when it first got included into Ubuntu?), and was not impressed. I couldn’t figure out why I would want to run multiple Prism apps instead of one multi-tabbed browser. Then I decided that I tend to have so many open tabs, that trying to find my Gmail tab or my Google Reader tab was a bit of a pain.

Of course, it’s still not perfect. The Prism apps are very lean, tailored to just what you need for a particular site. Or what they think you’ll need. I have some RSS feeds of webcomics and pictures in my Google Reader. Occasionally I find a comic or picture I want to save to my hard drive. No way to do that in Prism. Still it seems like a worthwhile, if incomplete, idea. I haven’t benchmarked the memory usage, but it does feel zippier versus loading tabs in Firefox.

I’m using prism-google-mail, prism-google-reader, and prism-google-talk. Ubuntu also has a handful of others like Twitter, Facebook, and some other Google stuff.

Anybody else using it? Thoughts? Hints?

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