Geekier than I thought

I bought a new Tom Smith CD at Penguicon, and I’ve been listening to it lately and getting addicted to a few songs. One of them is “Dead Again”, and it prompted me to change my Google Talk status message to “Hah! The Wumpus got you!” to show that I am, in fact, and old geek. I expected some younger people to be confused by this, but I started getting asked by people fairly close to my age, “What’s a wumpus?“.

Hmmph. Wumpus awareness is apparently tied more to computer geek level than age. Or possibly the year in which one became a computer geek.

One friend looked it up, saw somebody’s depiction of a wumpus, and said his son just drew a “troar-oh-don” that looked more frightening than my wumpus. To which I responded that it quite possibly was, “but if the lights go out, it will probably still be eaten by a grue.”

He: “What’s a grue?

Me: <headdesk>

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