Penguicon addendum

Finally going through all the crap brochure/business cards/leaflets I picked up at Penguicon to see what’s what…

  • The Apple of Discord looks amusing. Adding it to my Google Reader to see if it’s worth keeping.
  • BetaPwned looks better. In fact, just a couple clicks of the “back” button and I find a priceless gem. I just wish I could subscribe to a feed of the comic (the feed seems to be a news-only feed).
  • Got some cool stickers from the EFF. I snagged 3, even though I don’t have 3 places to stick them…
  • Some brochures for Pagan Pride Day and a Pagan Picninc for my pagan friend who wasn’t at con.
  • A card that doubles as a 10% off coupon for Offworld Designs. They make cool t-shirts.
  • A card and CD for The Magic of Eyri podcast, which I haven’t take the time to listen to yet.
  • Then there’s Cult-Pop, which I don’t quite get. Possibly because the box on their page that should contain a video is just blank for me. But it doesn’t seem nearly as interesting as either of their fliers made it out to be.
  • Lastly, a big fail for Estrus Entertainment. I snagged this card for the sketch of a sultry lady, but all the card says is “Coming into heat ~ Fall 2009”. So it’s an ad for something – I have no clue what – that doesn’t exist yet. I only have a tiny clue of when it is scheduled to exist, and not even a URL so that I can go find it when it does. Whoever did this rather nice looking glossy cards really wasted their money. I’ll have forgotten this long before Summer 2009, much less Fall 2009.

Also, I figured out after con was over that I met Steve Eley. Damn shame I didn’t figure it out sooner. I’m a big fan of his Escape Pod.
I should probably also mention that Penguicon 2010 will be at the Troy Marriott from April 30 – May 2 (yes, the website currently still has info only about this past Penguicon).

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