Penguicon, Day 2

My schedule for the second day began at 9 AM with “sqlpython: SQL is fun again”. Uh… 9AM. After going to bed around 3:30 AM. After being awake 22 hours, and drinking much beer and hard cider. Yeah. I skipped this panel on programming in favor of eating breakfast in the consuite and trying to wake up.

At noon, I went to the Desktop Fabrication Panel, which threatened to put me to sleep. Nothing against the guys running the panel, but the subject was just a bit too foreign to me, and I was still feeling tired.

Went to Jim’s “Building Community in a FOSS Project” panel, which was a good look at how to have a successful piece of software above and beyond getting additional coders.

Craig “snapl” Maloney did a good panel on Pygame Programming, in which he explained Pong to us, and walked us (briskly) through the development of a Pygame version of the game. Pygame uses sprites. I haven’t heard anybody talk about sprites since I was programming games on my Commodore 64. I recommended an improvement to his game… Replace the ball with an image of Wil Wheaton’s face. Other panel attendees seemed to unanimously agree that would make it better.

I went to the Power Salad concert mostly because he was on before Tom Smith, and I wanted to make sure I could get a seat for Tom Smith. Power Salad was actually pretty good in his own right. Not a bad way to pass an hour.

Tom Smith rocks. That is all I need to say about that. I picked up “iTom 4.0”, one of the many CDs I don’t yet own. I chose this one over all the others because it contains the song “Everything is Dangerous”, which is horribly appropriate in light of the Swine Flu scare currently going on.

Went to Maddog’s “Why is Free Software Like a Player Piano?”, in which I learned way more than I ever wanted to know about player pianos… but it was interesting.

Now I had “Future Crash” scheduled for 6PM, but when I stopped in the consuite to get a pop, I saw a long line for Brazilian Beef (my planned dinner). I decided to skip Future Crash to go wait in line. So begins “The Line That Never Ends”. I had the fortune of being in line near some interesting and funny people… at least for 60-90 minutes before they got frustrated and left. Shortly after 7 I was warned that I’d be waiting another hour, maybe and hour and a half. At 8PM, I was missing Shawn Powers’ “Taking Over the World with Penguins and Free Beer”… Except I wasn’t really missing it just yet, because Shawn Powers was up ahead of me in line, still waiting for *his* dinner. I think he was served by about 8:15.

At 9PM, I had 3 panels I wanted to attend, and couldn’t choose between. Fortunately, I didn’t have to choose because… I was still waiting for my dinner! I think I finished eating dinner at about 9:30. My feet were sore. My back was sore, and I didn’t have anything scheduled for 10 PM, so I went and got my swimsuit on and hit the hot tub.

Went to an 11 PM panel on “Perverted Poetry”, but as soon as I sat down in that rather warm room, I started nodding off, so I left again and went to bed. Need to get somewhat back to normal so that Monday morning doesn’t completely suck. Besides which, I’d already been in the hot tub, so the midnight “Luke Ski Hot Tub Singalong” no longer had a great appeal for me.

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