Penguicon, Day 1

Friday started out with just getting to the hotel from work, and unwinding. It was already a good weekend by that point.

Wil Wheaton cancelled. Again. But he seems to have a good reason. Still damned annoying. However, I choose to look at the bright side. I’m no longer upset that my panel is opposite Opening Ceremonies. I now only have 4 things I want to do at 10PM instead of 5. Also resolves a conflict I had on saturday night. No-Wil is maybe a good thing?

My “Basic Ubuntu Bug Triage” panel was not as well attended as last year, but hopefully everybody who attended last year simply didn’t need to be there again. I was brutally embarassed when my laptop (work laptop, actually) didn’t work with the projector, and I had to admit I was using Windows (hey, it’s not my laptop!). Thankfully, one of my LoCo posse (Brad) loaned me the use of his Ubuntu laptop, which worked without a hitch except for the fact that all the prep-work I did was done on the laptop I wasn’t using.

Skipped the Rob Balder concert because it was standing-room only, and I did really feel like standing in the hallway outside the room for an hour. Went drinking with the guys from the LoCo instead, which was at least as much fun. Penguicon really needs to schedule popular filkers in larger rooms.

Went to “Sex Toys with Shannon” at 10… She had a much larger room than Rob Balder, and it, too, was standing-room only. So I went to “Lightning Talks” with various and sundry Linux presenters. Small room, packed full. Third choice at 10 was the beer tasting in the con suite. Crowded, but doable. Plus as the tasting went on, I cared less and less about how crowded it was. 🙂

Next up was a crowded round-table discussion on Polyamory (crowded rooms seemed to be a real theme), and after the hour was up, only half the people left, and a moderately full room continued on into the morning since the room wasn’t scheduled for anything else.

I went back to the consuite for more drinking, then Brad and I went to Aegis’ open knife fighting at 2AM. I didn’t do too badly at it, but I just couldn’t touch Brad at all. He’s out of my league. Everybody else I fought I was able to kill (and be killed by). Took a nasty battle wound home from it, too. I’m now missing a half inch of skin on one of my fingers. Next year: gloves. Also maybe not drink so much beer before fighting.

After that, I went back to my room and crashed hard. System uptime: ~22 hours. 9 hours work, 13 hours fun.

Day 0, Day 2, Day 3

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