Penguicon, Day 0

Crashed at the hotel last night, since it’s a good 45-60 minutes closer to work than home is.
Saw Jorge outside the hotel when I arrived, and I hung out in the lounge with Jorge and Jill and some other Ubuntu geeks whose names I already can’t remember while Jorge hosted his #ubuntu-classroom session on Upstreaming Bugs. I didn’t bring my laptop to the lounge, so I followed along via jmirc on my BlackBerry.
Allison and I went for dinner with the GoH’s and wound up at a table with one of the nifty guests, Jim Hall (very cool guy, who’s never been to Penguicon before, the poor fool), and within shouting distance of fellow Twitter and microblogger Shawn Powers. Had a flirty girl named Jess squeeze in next to me and steal my fork and salad (well, OK, I didn’t like the salad, so I gave it up). Had some good chicken shawarma at this little hole-in-the-wall restaurant with a somewhat surly wait staff that never ever asked if I wanted another drink (no free refills) or even paused long enough for me to shout out that I wanted another can of Dew.
Then… I skipped the pre-con party up on the 7th floor because, dang it, I had to be back at work Friday morning. Oh well. It was a decent warmup for con at any rate.

Day 1, Day 2, Day 3

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