I has a backup plan

If the economy really turns to shit (like, if my entire household becomes unemployed, runs out of unemployment insurance, and still can’t find a job), I know where to go to rob some wealthy houses. Broughton, England. I know they are worth robbing, because they ran the Google “street view” car out of town on fear that photographs of their homes would lure burglars. So obviously, site unseen, that’s the neighborhood to rob. I’d like to thank the paranoid residents of Broughton, England (just North of London) for alerting me to their existence and their wealth by making a big fuss about it all. And thanks to CNN for carrying the story.

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  • Jay  On April 6, 2009 at 11:59 am

    I saw a show a while back and part was about pickpockets. In London the problem was very bad in a few Underground stations so they put up posters like “Beware of pickpockets” and the problem got worse because as people saw the sign they would feel whichever pocket had their wallet. The pickpockets would hang out near the signs, see which pocket to pick and then pick it.

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