President E.F. Hutton

If you’re around my age, you probably remember those old commercials: “When E.F. Hutton talks, people listen”. I don’t know where E.F. Hutton is anymore (Wikipedia informs me they’re part of Citigroup), but I do know that when Obama talks, I listen. The man is a damn good speaker, as well as being very intelligent, and generally trying to do the right thing. Today’s quote-of-the-day from the NY Times is a perfect example of why he won the election, and why he will win re-election in 4 years:

“Washington is all in a tizzy over who’s at fault,” Mr. Obama said. “Some say it’s the Democrats’ fault, the Republicans’ fault. Listen, I’ll take responsibility. I’m the president.”

Take responsibility? What the hell? Are politicians allowed to do that? Sure doesn’t seem like it, from watching most of them. He’s only been president for 2 months, so it’s highly unlikely that anything is his fault yet, but he still steps up to the plate. “My responsibility”. Because it is. Whose fault it is doesn’t matter. Just fix it.
Another, possibly even better, quote from the same article:

“What all of you know deep down — and what folks in Washington sometimes forget — is that in the end, a budget is not merely numbers on a page or a laundry list of programs,” Mr. Obama said. “It is about your lives, your families and your dreams for the future. And you didn’t send us to Washington to stand in the way of your aspirations. You didn’t send us there to say no to change — you sent us there to get things done.”

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