Detroit to actually innovate?

I somehow doubt this will ever come to pass, but it’s exciting to think about if you can actually believe in it. Private investors want to built a high-speed magnetic rail from Detroit to Lansing, and Detroit to Ann Arbor. I’d like to think that if these lines are viable, the entire Michigan interstate system could sport a rail as well.

The idea is to use hydrogen-powered “cars” on the rail, with a station situated at every exchange on the interstate. And right now you’re thinking, “but who wants to ride a train to somewhere on the interstate, then take a cab to their destination?”.

The magnetic rail cars would carry passengers, vehicles (like a ferry) and freight.

Cars. On a train. You can drive up to the interstate, park on a train, and relax while you zip down the road, then drive off the train at your destination. Who wouldn’t want to do that?

They also plan to carry utilities, such as fiber optic cable, inside the rail (and of course profit from the lease of their rail to those utilities). I’m wondering, “how can I go work for these people?”

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