Gay marriage would help the economy. Or, at the very least, it wouldn’t hurt it. But marriage is a huge industry, so it’s rather obvious that allowing more people to get married will create additional revenue. Not to mention money directly to the government in the form of marriage licenses.
Sadly, one openly gay senator (Republican, of course!) disagrees. But he won’t come right out and say it’s a bad idea. He just says it isn’t the right time.

“you have to understand how politics … works,” [Sen. Paul] Koering says. “The electorate will say, ‘My goodness … What’s wrong with these people? Why are they talking about this issue (gay marriage) now?’ “

Right. Because there’s so many more pressing issues for lawmakers to attend to. Like declaring Pluto to be a planet whenever it’s visible in the Illinois sky. Yes, politicians definitely are too busy to address something as frivolous as equal rights in these urgent times.

Yes, Senator Koering… we unfortunately know all too well how politics works. You people lie to us and waste taxpayer money by the boatload, and blow us off when we ask you to do the right thing.

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