Unskilled labor

There are many jobs in the world that are deemed “unskilled labor”. Filling vending machines with product is one of those jobs. Unfortunately, it still does take some minor amount of skill to do this job. Even more unfortunately, the person doing that job here where I’m working lacks that tiny level of skill.

This morning, I had Pop Tarts for breakfast. Two rows in the vending machine were filled with Pop Tarts. Each row was the same flavor. I wisely chose the row that cost $1.00 rather than the row that cost $1.25

Now I’ve just gone for my after-lunch Mountain Dew. Mountain Dew costs me $1.35, as I well know from near-constant consumption, so I put $1.50 in the machine, and selected a row containing Mountain Dew. Nothing happens. Hmm. I select the same row again, and check the display on the machine. It informs me my selection costs $2.00, and I’ve only got $1.50 credit. So I look at the machine more closely, and sure enough… Row B4 has $2 Dew, and row B2 has $1.35 Dew. B3 is empty, even…

So, let’s give credit where credit is due. There’s no such thing as unskilled labor. Unskilled people can fail at anything.

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