Weekly resolution update

Yeah, I know… how boring. Who wants to read this crap? But it seems to me that the best way to keep a resolution is to keep it on your mind, and make your results public so that people can hassle you about it. Likely nobody really cares if I go to SCA fight practice or not, but I know multiple people who would like to hassle me over something they don’t really care about. Face it: it’s fun to hassle your friends. 🙂

So I’m modifying my resolution slightly to be more flexible. Instead of fighting at least once a week, I resolve to fight an average of once per week. So even though I’m currently 0/1, I could still wind up at 52/52 on the year, and call it good. For that matter, I could exceed 52/52… and I like the idea that I can see how well I did, rather than just saying “crap, I already blew my entire resolution on the first week of the year.”

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