Things you never thought you would say in polite company.

I would lick it for hours
That, of course, was in answer to the eternal xmas question, “What did you get?”. It’s the title of a book, the collection of the first season of Two Lumps comic strips. In case you missed it, Two Lumps did a funny rendition of the 12 days of Christmas this year, starting with this strip.

Note: when searching for “I would lick it for hours” on Google, do not type (by mistake) “I could lick it for hours”. At least, not with safe-search disabled. Or maybe you do want to… Depends on your tastes, I guess. Let’s just say you won’t find the book if you confuse that one essential word.

So… the holidays were very good for me. Aside from some normal levels of holiday stress, I enjoyed Christmas in ways both measurable and immeasurable. On the measurable front, I knocked 8 items off my Amazon wish list, including the aforementioned book. On the immeasurable front, I spent a lot of quality time with family, and got the kind of happiness that receiving gifts can never bring. My family also conspired to give a very special gift to a dog in need. We found a home (at least until Sunday) for a dog who has spent most of the last several months locked in a small crate. Hopefully he’ll find his way into their hearts and make it a permanent home. His older brother is still locked in a crate, if anybody would like a pet.

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