Jauntily Jumping with Jackalopes

After hearing from my friend, KE9Vee, that 64-bit Intrepid is actually usable (as opposed to every other 64-bit OS I’ve ever tried), I decided to do a second Intrepid install, to take advantage of the full capacity of my CPU for the first time ever. And I went with Xubuntu since I’m disaffected with KDE4, and still really don’t like Gnome. But since I couldn’t really tell the difference between XFCE and Gnome, I installed Openbox. It’s what all the cool kids seem to be using, and should be similar to the Fluxbox I used way-back-when (and recently reacquainted myself with).

Shortly after that, I decided that since I’m being all cutting-edge and trying-something-new, I might as well hook up with the alpha-quality Jaunty Jackalope release of Ubuntu. The UDS for this release just ended, so I expect to see rapid changes on this desktop. I’ve changed all my “intrepid” to “jaunty” in /etc/apt/sources.list (with the exception of 5-a-day, which doesn’t have a jaunty repo yet), and I’m running a dist-upgrade in a term window as I write this. Wish me luck. I just really hope the USB optical mouse problem I’ve been having in Intrepid doesn’t follow me to Jaunty.

Update: Crap, I’m scared… dist-upgrade just informed me Jaunty uses LiLo??!? I thought that piece of software was outdated and discarded. I’ve been on Grub so long I can’t recall what LiLo was like. Crossing my fingers this doesn’t hose my whole box…

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