Can’t we all just get along?

Ah, yes… the joyous Christmas season. A time to trample Wal-Mart employees to death, shoot your fellow shoppers, and engage in religious pissing contests. The one that caught my eye and prompted a response today is this story about an atheist group putting signs up in Washington (state) and Washington, D.C.

Normally I side with the atheists whole-heartedly, but in this case I think both opposing sides are being jerks.

First up:

The placard is often turned around so the message can’t be seen, and
one year, someone threw acid on it, forcing the group to encase it in

Come on. Grow up. We don’t go around throwing acid on religious billboards or nativity scenes…

“Although a number of humanists and atheists continue to attempt to rid God and Christmas from the public square,
the American people are overwhelmingly opposed to such efforts,”
Roberta Combs, the group’s president said in a press release.

Please. They are putting up their own signs, expressing their own views. They are not trying to remove anything of yours (this time). They are as entitled to their beliefs as you are to yours.

But being a jerk isn’t limited to the faithful:

Edwords maintains the campaign began in December mostly because the
group had extra money left over for the year. The connection to
Christmas is a coincidence, he said.

A sign featuring Santa Claus and invoking the words of a Christmas carol is only coincidentally connected to Christmas? And Saddam Hussein really did have weapons of mass destruction. Go ahead, pull the other one.

“When people ask us, ‘Why are you hateful? Why are you putting up
something critical of people’s holidays? — we respond that we kind of
feel that the Christian message is the hate message,” he said. “On that
Nativity scene, there is this threat of internal violence if we don’t
submit to that master.”

The nativity scene is about domination and submission (and hate)?!? OMGWTFBBQ! Just shut the hell up, okay? You’re an idiot.


I just need to quit reading the news between Thanksgiving and the New Year.

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  • danaofthebells  On December 5, 2008 at 12:13 pm

    We’re human; of course we can’t get along.

    I see both of their points. It is kind of a thumb in the face to the Christians, and there is an underlying message in most of the Christian information, including the nativity. It’s the same with all religions that claim to preach THE Truth instead of A Truth. If you disagree with us, you go to the scary, fiery place. The Abrahamic religions can’t even agree amongst themselves. Live and let live isn’t really the medicine for either the atheists protesting and the Christians throwing acid.

    If they had money left over at the end of the year, I’m pretty sure that a Christmas theme would always be chosen. Also, if it were near any holiday, that holiday would have been chosen. I think the incidental thing is that they had money left over at the year, not that it attacks Christmas. If it were a pagan group reenacting one of the myths of the Holy King and Oak King, I bet it would be met with just the same hostility, assuming anyone recognized it.

  • Jay  On December 5, 2008 at 1:11 pm

    Or, like me, you could just stop reading these inane stories that the media passes off as news.

  • 23five23  On December 6, 2008 at 6:04 pm

    the nativity scene IS about domination and submission, you aren’t thinking beyond the silly little baby. The message is that EVERYONE should SUBMIT to the will of God, who DOMINATES your life and every waking moment. Repent sinner! Or at least that’s the message.

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