Something’s wrong with me…

Wizard of Oz came on TV tonight. My first thought was “where’s the Dark Side of the Moon CD?”. My second thought wasn’t so much an actual thought… I just had a song start running through my head over and over again:

<font><font size="3" face="arial">The French Jesuit's Song<br /><br />                 By James Qui Connait<br />                    mka James Bristol<br /><br />                 Tune: If I Only Had a Brain (Wizard of Oz)<br /><br /><br />         I could while away the hours<br />         In dungeons and in towers<br />         Inflicting horrid pain.<br />         I would work the inquisition<br />         And enhance my own position<br />         If I only lived in Spain.<br /><br />         I'd have hot irons and thumbscrews<br />         For heretics and the Jews;<br />         Confessions I'd obtain!<br />         Hear the sounds of chains a clinkin'<br />         At the stake a body's stinkin'<br />         If I only lived in Spain.<br /><br />         I..could tell you why<br />         Torquemada's a fun guy<br />         I could make you cry to God on high,<br />         I've got a rack, on which you'd fry.<br /><br />         I could help you see the reason<br />         The True Faith is so pleasin'<br />         And Heaven you could gain.<br />         I'd no longer chat "Vobiscum"<br />         I'd yank guts out, then I'd twist 'em<br />         If I only lived in Spain....<br /><br /><br /></font></font>

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