Intrepid Diablo woes

The most annoying thing to happen to me since upgrading to Intrepid (aside from losing KDE 3.5 to the inferior KDE 4, and having Intrepid somehow trash my Hardy installation) is that Diablo II via WINE no longer works right. If I boot under KDE, I get no sound after the first two intro movies (i.e. none during gameplay). If I boot under Gnome, I get sound, but the game is not stable and keeps crashing. Furthermore, if the game locks up under KDE, the next time I log in to KDE my screen is briefly at the proper (1680×1050) resolution, but then changes to Diablo’s 640×480. Easy enough to correct, but very annoying. I hate upgrades that are worse than the previous version, and so far I’m not really finding anything to particularly recommend Intrepid. I would advise anybody to stick with Hardy at this point.

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