X-Ray specs! $9.99

It’s ironic (and unrelated, and NSFW) that earlier this morning I saw a blog post of an “x-ray” camera (trick photography), and now I read an article (not even dated April 1st… I checked!) that says peeling scotch tape gives off X-rays. Like, a rather lot of them. So maybe those x-ray specs advertised in the back of the comic book could be made for real after all…
I’m just curious why it needs to be done in a vacuum chamber. What difference should that make? And why was anybody peeling scotch tape in a vacuum chamber to begin with, much less monitoring for x-ray radiation while doing so?

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  • Jay  On October 23, 2008 at 2:32 pm

    According to what I read:
    They were looking at it because many tapes give off light when you peel them and they were investigating the phenomena. I don’t know why they decided to try the vacuum but they believe that peeling it in a non-vacuum slows the electrons that jump between sides of the tape and slower electrons yield visible light. Faster electrons yield higher energy light, like X-Rays.

    Sorry if that’s all a bit pedantic.

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