New Star Trek movie: WTF?

Maybe it’s just because I’m feeling old lately, but I saw the photos that were just released (alternate link to less-heavily trafficked site) from the new Trek and my very first thought was, “Is this Star Trek, or High School Musical?”. There’s two crew members (McCoy and Scotty?) who don’t appear to be teenagers. Early 20’s at best. Perhaps it’s a testament to futuristic plastic surgery? I’m sorry, but while the military is full of “young adults”, you won’t see any fresh-faced kids captaining their own ship, nor anywhere on the senior staff. Kirk looks like he needs to ask daddy if he can borrow the car starship.

My second beef is with the Captain’s uniform. He’s in all black. With a black badge. Like he’s a freaking SEAL on recon, or something. Rest of the crew is in traditional colors with traditional shiny badges. It’s like the actor playing Kirk said, “I’m not going to wear a uniform that looks like that,” so they gave him a black long-sleeve t-shirt instead. So he can look cool. Gag me.

At least the villain looks cool. Unfortunately, I know Kirk survives. I might go see it anyway, though. I’m a geek. I kinda feel like I have to.

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