Why I’m starting to hate Heroes

I microblogged the other day that I wasn’t liking Heroes season 3 yet, and today somebody asked me why. There’s no way that answer is going to fit into 140 characters or less, so here we are:

I loved the first season of Heroes, very much. There were some minor annoyances, and the cliffhanger ending to almost every episode made me want to tear heads off… but that’s what cliffhangers are supposed to do.

Then there was season two, which had a lot of people going “WTF?”, and while I still enjoyed it, the abrupt ending (precipitated by the impending writer’s strike) was absolutely atrocious. The studio acknowledged that a lot of people weren’t digging season 2, and they vowed to get back to what people liked with season 3.

Epic Fail, in my opinion. What I liked was not confusing timelines, dream sequences, and never knowing who the good guys or bad guys were. And that’s the gist of why I’m on the verge of not watching the show anymore. But it’s like Star Wars… I keep going back for more punishment with each load of crap Lucas sells us, so why not go back for free crap on TV?

More detailed grievences:

  1. Nobody ever dies on this show (or do they?). I’m getting awful sick of people coming back from the dead. It wipes out any semblence of suspense. Somebody griped about this last season, and I defended the show. It’s gotten worse. I can no longer justify it.
  2. Time travel is being way overdone. Every character who can time travel should be killed, and then maybe Heroes can be good again. I say that is the only solution, because if you have people who can time travel but don’t, that’s just lame. But the time travel gets real confusing, real fast, and if you manage to actually keep up with it, the level of paradox is just damned annoying.
  3. Sylar’s a bad guy, but he becomes good in the future? And kills millions of people anyway when he loses his temper? WTF?
  4. Clare’s a good guy, but becomes a bad guy in the future? WTF?
  5. Can’t tell if Peter’s a good guy or a bad guy, or both.
  6. Clare can’t be killed. Sylar, who has her power now, can’t be killed. Peter, who’s had her power for a long time, can be killed. WTF?
  7. Hiro can stop time, but “The Speedster” is so fast she can still interact when time is stopped? Lame.
  8. New villains with new powers introduced, and almost immediately killed. Lame. I really thought Heroes vs. Villains was going to be cool.
  9. Last but not least… What’s cool about it? Other than Ando’s future power, nothing about the first 4 episodes of this season has made me say, “whoa… cool!”

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  • mike  On October 28, 2008 at 1:47 pm

    I agree, i HATE the fact that they pretend to kill someone every episode, then give a lame excuse why he didn’t die. Hiro stabs his friend, but then we see he actually put ketchup on him and used a toy sword, are you KIDDING ME???

  • Kate  On November 1, 2008 at 9:03 am

    Adam is dead. Also the title Villains is showing how all of the Heroes are becomeing villains and the villains are becomeing good.
    Good people:Claire peter hiro ando sylar? Bad people: Ell surresh nathen? daphnee and matt parkman might.

  • Krista  On January 4, 2010 at 8:36 pm

    I am watching it right now, i dont even know what season it is….i think 4 or 5, i dont even care.
    I absolutely hate Heroes. It’s the lamest, but I cant stop watching it cause I have been watching it from the beginning. DAMN IT.

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