Happy Labor Day

Hopefully most of you out there are not laboring, unless it’s on a project you actually want to be working on. For my part, I hauled down the Halloween decorations so that my household can prepare for its most important holiday of the year. We’ve become well known in the neighborhood for our annual “haunted porch”, and this year we want to expand a bit and make it better. Of course, we’ve got a lot going on between now and then, with the Michigan Renaissance Festival, a dog show, Battle of the Inland Seas, and Ohio Linux Fest between now and Halloween, so we need to get an early start.

This weekend was the Havoc in Hastings demo. We had problems with the truck, so I wound up leaving my armor behind (choice between day-trip in the Jeep and fight, or carpool, camp, and save money), but it was still a fun weekend. I relaxed, and napped a lot in the fresh air, which I love to do. I also sat and thought about how quickly the year has flown by, and how many of the things I wanted to do I never did. I’ve only barely touched my FOSS project. I didn’t really do anything towards becoming MotU. I’ve now gone nearly a full year without doing any SCA fighting. I’ve been meaning to start skating again and maybe find a hockey team to play on, but I never did that either. Of course, there are things I never planned on that I did wind up doing this year… it’s not like I was a total slacker. We finally started on the garden we’ve been planning for years, and it should be complete in time for spring. It will be a sight to see when it’s done. I’ve got another dog, lost a cat, but gained two more. Did bug triage and bug jams a-plenty. But I think I need to sit down and structure my life better. See what I have time for, what I don’t, and prioritize my time so that the things most important to me get done, and just let the other things slip away for now.

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  • Cole  On September 4, 2008 at 9:15 pm

    I’m so jealous that you get to go to the MI Renaissance Festival. It is so far the best I’ve gone to. I was home in the beginning of August, but it wasn’t in town yet, it was just moving out of Colorado where most are at pre-Michigan.

    I need to make plans to go next year. I love the Feast and would love to do it again. They also have the best options to find clothing, and clothing makers out of the different festivals I’ve been to…I need a damn good corset but want to look at some designs in person before making a choice somewhere.

    Enjoy it for me!

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