Google Maps: Memory hog?

I have 3GB of RAM installed and 1GB of swap space allocated. I should never even use any of that swap, much less all of it. In fact, I rarely exceed 1GB of memory usage unless I’m playing a video game (while leaving all my other apps open). So I was a bit surprised today to look at my htop and see that I’m using 1282 MB of RAM and 839 MB of swap. Yikes! In a moment of pseudo-panic, I started closing all my apps down that I thought might be hogs. First Twhirl, then Kopete, Amarok, Ktorrent, Konversation. No noticable change. Killed Firefox, which I know is usually the biggest memory hog short of the games. Still not budging. So then I did the smart thing (when all else fails…) and sorted my htop process list by memory usage. Just one process is the problem:

/usr/bin/X -br -nolisten tcp :0 vt7 -auth /var/run/xauth/A:0-g8tCHi

This arcane little beasty is using 1094 MB res (1993 MB virt) and 0.0% CPU. So now my question is: WTF? What is this, why is it sucking memory? Why am I using swap at all when my RAM is only about 1/3 full? Why? Time to hit Google…
Disappointingly, it seems this bug was reported a long time ago and called “not a bug”. Also found a read-only thread about people having a problem. Digging deeper, I found more bug reports. Seems to be an issue with browsers looking at Google Maps? Will have to test that out.

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