Condoleeza Rice condemns Iraq war?

“This is not 2001, and the invasion of Iraq, where Russia can
invade its neighbor, occupy a capital, overthrow a government and get
away with it”

Okay, that’s not the actual quote from Ms. Rice. She used the year 1968 and the country name of Czechoslovakia. All the other words are actually hers, though.

Now I don’t really know what’s going on between Russia and Georgia right now. I probably should be paying attention, but I haven’t. I’m pretty sure their reasons for invading are different than our reasons for invading. Not saying they’re better or worse reasons (like I said, I have no clue). The fact is, we’re condemning Russia for invading another country, while we are still occupying the country we somewhat-recently invaded. We are telling them they can’t overthrow a foreign government and get away with it, when that is exactly what we did. In short, we’re being fucking hypocrites. I don’t like that.

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  • Jay  On August 14, 2008 at 9:45 am

    Well, Russia can’t invade them after they join NATO so if they’re going to it, now’s the time.

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