Triple word score!

Hasbro has forced entrepreneurs to create an even better game. Hasbro filed a trademark infringement suit to protect Scrabble from The Agarwalla Brothers; the makers of Scrabulous. Scrabulous was a wildly popular Scrabble clone with a Facebook (and other social networks?) application interface. Since the takedown, they’ve changed the name of the game (Wordscraper) and removed all the rules. Now you can put double/triple/quadruple letter/word tiles anywhere on the board. Presumably (haven’t tried it yet) you can also change the values of each letter. Maybe even the colors? Shocking. So this is clearly a free-form word game that bears no resemblance to Scrabble. Except the users may, if they so choose, set everything up to be exactly identical to Scrabble. And they may save that template for future games.

EA, in the meantime, released their own (legally licensed) online version of Scrabble. Fans of the game are complaining about the quality of the game, where animated graphics detract from the actual game play, which is the selling point of the game… I mean, who goes to Scrabble for cutting edge animated graphics? EA really hosed themselves on this one, it sounds like.

Hasbro, apparently, is speechless. 🙂

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